• Diving in Crete:
    Discover the fascinating underwater world of Crete and get the feeling of flying in a weightless environment with all the colorful marine life around you. A theory session and preparation before you dive will give you the full picture of what to expect. Diving excursions at the north and south coast; coastal, boat and night diving. Safe diving according to PADI regulations for beginners and experienced divers. Boat dive trips are in progress throughout the entire season, with experienced dive guides. Explore in small groups with individual treatment the fascinating Cretan underwater world with its rich flora, steep cliffs, caves and variety of marine life, as e.g. octopus, crabs, starfish, lobster and countless fish species. No other place in the Mediterranean sea gathers so many diverse and rich scenes of underwater conditions and marine life.
  • Bike ToursNida
    (IDA Mountain - Anogia)
  • Jeep Safari

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